What is Artful?

Artful is a quarterly subscription box for people who love to create.

Inside every box, you will find a selection of premium tools tailored to a specific style or medium of artistry. Each edition of Artful works closely with an established featured artist who hand-picks the contents of the box and lends their expertise on how to use it.

Alongside these tools, the Artful magazine is included as an essential supplement featuring exclusive interviews, creative advice, and projects focused on improving or introducing you to new creative skills.

With each issue, Artful seeks to inspire and expand your technical knowledge and proficiency across a diverse range of tools, helping you to grow as a creative.


What am I buying?

This is a digital code, not a physical product. By purchasing this code, you will be making the most of our introductory offer - saving you £10 on your first Artful box. Only a limited number of boxes are available, so get yours while you can!


How do I redeem my box?

You will be buying a digital code which can be used to redeem 100% off our first Artful box on http://artful.co.uk/. Codes will be sent out shortly after your order confirmation (we just need to generate a code for you!)

Your email will include instructions directing you to our new Artful site where you can redeem your code. This is a renewing subscription so you will be asked to re-enter your payment details upon redemption. In three months’ time, your subscription will renew and you will receive a new box with even more creative tools to expand your knowledge further!


Can I gift my digital code?

Of course! Just give your code to whoever you’d like to gift Artful to and they can redeem it as per the terms above.


When will I receive my box?

We aim to dispatch all boxes within 7 working days of codes being redeemed. Based upon your location, see below for estimated delivery times.

  • 3-5 working days from dispatch.


How much will my Artful subscription cost when it renews?

UK Only (per quarter) – £35.00


When will my subscription be billed?

As you’re purchasing a digital code, you’ll be billed initially on your date of purchase. You will not be billed upon redemption of your code. This is a renewing quarterly subscription, you will be charged and continue to receive Artful every three months.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on-site (artful.co.uk) or by contacting our customer service team [email protected]


Our Charity Partner

For every box sold, we donate £1 to Create: the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts.

Create aims to give free access to the creative arts for society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people, helping those who need it to learn and develop their creativity, social skills and self-esteem, creating a fairer and more inclusive society.

By subscribing, your donation helps Create run creative projects for disadvantaged and vulnerable people across the UK. Here are just some basic examples of how a donation could help:

  • £10 can help buy a set of new paints.
  • £25 could buy a blank canvas.
  • £50 would fund a new microphone.
  • £250 would cover costs for a camera.

2018/19 has been one of Create’s most successful years to date. They were able to deliver 48 projects across the UK, hold 850 creative arts workshops and help 1,672 disadvantaged and vulnerable participants to develop their creativity, learning, social skills and self-esteem.

You can find out more about Create and the work they do at createarts.org.uk