Good question. We reviewed the rewards programmes for both our subscriptions and realised that the benefits could be better.

For Papergang, you can only get more Papergang or gift a box, and for Artful it is the same. Part of our goal by moving the subscriptions over to Ohh Deer is to create better benefits for everyone.

Our biggest challenge was the existing points. Papergang and Artful points systems are different; hold different values and different redemption options, so moving points earned in one system over into a new points system wouldn’t work.

Our first option was to wipe existing points altogether and give everyone the same ‘starter’ points. A level playing field of points that could be used on Ohh Deer. However, that didn’t feel very fair to those who had built up a higher value of points.

We couldn’t transfer the full value of those points because they were earned on a completely different points structure that was designed specifically for that subscription. In short, the spend required to achieve, say a £5 Papergang voucher was structured so it was simple to achieve based off an average spend of £15 per month. Now, the majority of products on Ohh Deer are much cheaper than £15 so the two points systems would clash.

We feel it is important you have the opportunity to use all your existing points which is why we teamed up with Verdn. Verdn are all about doing good for the planet and partner with NGOs and charities on a number of great initiatives. 

Rather than you only receiving 50% of your points we’ve made the rest of your points available to purchase tokens that will go directly to help clean up Ocean Bound Plastic and Plant Trees.

So, we’re transferring 50% to the new Ohh Deer rewards programme but you can still use 100% of your points up until the end of February 2023 via Papergang and help the Papergang community continue to clean up the planet!